The Sound of Europe

Since its foundation in Berlin in 1904, W. Hoffmann embodies the spirit of European piano making.

The W. Hoffmann Lines

and Vision.

W. Hoffmann grand and upright pianos:
3 lines for every demand, highest quality at every level. Made in Europe.


The epitome of modern European piano making. Apt to satisfy professional demands, these instruments are made to please the pianist off and onstage – and the crowd alike.

With their fine sonority, rich & clear voice and extremely large dynamic range, Professional pianos enable a smooth and easy playability.


The instruments which reflect European piano building like no other. From its construction by our Czech craftsmen to its premium components, these instruments reflect the warm, rich and colorful Sound of Europe like no other.

Using many components built by C. Bechstein in Germany and Czech piano making expertise, Tradition pianos offer a vast dynamic and nuanced spectrum and the possibility for subtle interpretation of any repertoire.


The Vision line embodies the spirit of our founder: Wilhelmine Hoffmann, who in the late 19th century dared to follow her dreams against all odds and established a beloved piano brand.

Inspired by the best of European piano making, the Vision instruments feature original components like C. Bechstein Hammerheads, empowering you to pursue your musical dreams and get the best start into truly European piano making. Vision instruments delight with their warm and singing tone and a precise and reliable action.

Hania Rani – Pianist


W. Hoffmann — Made in Europe

A dream –
and a lot
of passion


THE ORIGIN — Anno 1893

On the second floor of a residential house in the German center of piano making, Berlin, a young woman dares to pursue her dream.
As one of very few women of her time, she founds her own company: the Pianofabrik W. Hoffmann, which will grow to become the  “Pianoforte- und Flügelfabrik W. Hoffmann GmbH” in 1904.

European craft

The first touch of the keys rewards with the magic of the singing, colored and well balanced sound European pianos are famous for – and which can only be achieved by manufactories using utmost attention to detail from highly skilled artisans who breathe the European spirit. Made in one of Europe’s centers of piano making, Hradec Králové, W. Hoffmann pairs Czech piano making tradition with constant innovation.


Hradec Králové is a traditional location for grand and upright piano manufacturing in the Czech Republic. The piano manufacturing craft has belonged to this highly musical region for far more than one hundred years.

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and Vision